We monitor our performance really carefully to make sure that our services are working well for you. Every year we use this information to produce an Annual Report especially for our tenants.

You can view the Annual Report below

As a registered provider of social housing, we are also required to report our performance to the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) who regulate the social housing sector. The RSH use this information to assess how well we are performing.

Click on the link below to view our latest performance scorecard:

Key Performance Indicators – December 2022

We also have a Resident Scrutiny Panel charged with testing PFH services against the expectations of tenants to make sure that our performance is tip top. The Resident Scrutiny Panel look at quality, value for money and help us to identify areas for improvement.

The most recent Scrutiny report detailing the Panel’s recommendations and the outcomes of their findings are available below:

Scrutiny Group Communication Review Report – March 2023

At the meeting of the Board of Directors on 23 May 2023; the Board accepted the majority of recommendations presented by the Panel in accordance with the management response detailed here:

Scrutiny Group Communication Recommendations – Management Response – April 2023