COVID-19 – updates

We understand that you may have questions or concerns during these uncertain times. Our job at PFH is to support you and the wider community in staying safe and well until normality can be resumed. Everything you need to know about changes to our service delivery can be found on this page. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

A note from Claire

Covid 19 – Tier 5 National Lockdown

I had hoped to start this letter with a cheery Happy New Year wish for everyone and even though the sentiment is still there, the impact of coronavirus on our daily lives is yet to get easier. The prime ministerial announcement to enforce more severe national lockdown restrictions, has dampened some of that cheer. However, on a slightly more upbeat note, I am writing to say that PFH are here for you. Government guidance still enables us to carry out house moves, essential and emergency repairs and safety checks during the lockdown period. All our main services are permissible, subject to staff and contractors observing Covid Secure working practices – which means maintaining social distancing, exceptional hand hygiene and wearing the required personal protection equipment (PPE).

Regrettably, we are currently delivering services to you in a way that minimises contact and in turn, minimises any chance to spread the virus. We want to keep you safe. We are delivering services by telephone, or using digital contact wherever possible. We can carry out emergency or important repairs, or a health and safety related check. If you prefer, you may choose to delay the reporting of routine repairs until after the lockdown period is over, or when you feel more comfortable in having others in your home. This is completely your choice.

We are currently in the middle of a stock condition survey, commissioned with an external company, and there are a small number of homes left to inspect. MDA are a professional company who will carry out a speedy inspection, wearing the necessary PPE but should you receive a call from MDA surveyors, and do not want them to carry out the inspection, this is absolutely fine, please just let them know. Please also let us know if you are shielding or you have tested positive for Covid.

In our recent resident survey, carried out in September and October, nearly 25% of the 800+ residents who responded told us that they were feeling lonely and isolated. If this is the case, we know that the shielding and lockdown requirements now in place make things extra difficult. Please know we are here to help and can put you in touch with befriending and other forms of support. We also have online activities programmes we can help you to access to help you keep connected and pass the time. Some of this information was in the Christmas Edition of People First, but do not hesitate to get in touch if you need anything else.

We do not see this situation lasting forever, we hope that the roll out of the vaccination programme over the next few months offers greater reassurance and safety and will enable us to see you far more, whether that be through scheme manager visits, home improvements or as part of our social and wellbeing activities. We are keeping all our fingers crossed that we will see our community lounges and pop in centres reopened and everyone enjoying each other’s company. We will write again when this can happen.

Please take care of yourselves.

Best wishes

Claire Warren

Chief Executive

The local authorities are also doing everything they can to support you; assistance is available in areas such as food, fuel, housing, money, payment of bills and collection of your medication. Please follow the relevant link below to find out more or contact the HEY Smile Foundation on 01482 393919.

NHS Track and Trace App

Download the latest Track and Trace app to protect yourself and everyone around you.

Download the app >>

NHS Help Us, Help You Campaign

NHS has launched it’s latest Help Us, Help You campaign. If you call the NHS 111 number when you have an urgent, but non life-threatening medical need, rather than going to A&E, you will help the NHS. Urgent care can also be booked in via 111.

Community Navigators starting walkabouts

Our Community Area Navigators regularly walk around schemes for residents – this is to spot anything that needs attention in and around the area.

They are easily identifiable in hi-vis jackets. Please speak to them if there is anything you would like us to address. If you are unsure as to who they are, they will carry ID to prove their identity to you.

We advise to maintain a distance of 2m between yourself and the Community Navigator as per social distancing guidelines – this is to ensure everyone’s safety.

Useful Information

Please see here for useful information on how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

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Hull City Council

Useful Council Service links for Hull City Council are found by clicking the button.

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East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Useful Council Service links for East Riding Council are found by clicking the button.

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Resident Services – Important Updates

It is business as usual with lettings and applications. Viewings and sign-ups will be undertaken while maintaining social distance guidelines as per government guidance. And for those who are self-isolating and aren’t able to attend a viewing in person, we can arrange a video call or recorded viewing, where you can see the property on your computer or tablet.  Our application interviews are being undertaken over the phone, so there’s no need to attend an appointment in person.

Please contact us on 01482 223783 to discuss further.

Changes to payment collections

As you will be aware, the exceptional situation we are currently experiencing, has meant that we have temporarily shut Silvester House. Unfortunately because of this closure, it does mean we are not able to accept cash payments.

Additionally, there is no safe method for us to bank cheques, however we are working with our providers to find an alternative solution. Payments recently sent to us have been stored securely, and we will endeavour to bank these and register payment against your rent account as soon as we are able to.

There are several other alternative ways that you can make a payment to us:

– if you have a bank card, you can call us on 01482 223783. We will be able to take payment over the phone and process it through Allpay.

Bank transfer – if you have online or telephone banking you will be able to arrange to make a one-off payment from your bank account to ours. Our bank details will be provided when you contact us via telephone on 01482 223783.

Standing order – if you have online or telephone banking, you will also be able to set-up a standing order to make a regular payment from your bank account to ours.

Direct debit – a direct debit can be set up from our account to take an agreed amount. To do this, we need you to complete a direct debit form. If this is the option for you, please get in touch on 01482 223783 and we will get a direct debit form sent out to you.

If you have any queries about your rent payments, please contact us on 01482 223783.

Changes to Repairs and Maintenance Service

Following the recent changes regarding social isolation put in place by the Government late last week our repairs service has been reduced to Emergency response and safety checks only.

Our contract partners J C Services, Ecolec and Sure maintenance are supporting the service and will continue to respond to emergency situations that are reported and annual safety checks.

Our contractors have put in place all precautionary measures and will adhere to the appropriate guidelines for keeping safe during their visit and using all necessary personal protective clothing.

It is also important to maintain the 2 metre clear distance rule during any visit.

Below is a list of circumstance that are classed as Emergency work. This is not an exhaustive list and residents who are in doubt should still contact customer services who will endeavor to assist in any way possible.


Emergency Works:


  • Actual or potentially dangerous situations.
  • A serious risk to the health and safety of any persons or to the structural stability of any Property; or where immediate action will prevent serious damage to a property.


The following items are to be categorised as Emergency Works:

  • the loss of all or part of the Property’s supply of electricity, water or gas;
  • the loss of the Property’s entire heating provision in cold weather or where the resident or a family member is elderly, has a disability or chronic sickness.
  • the loss of the Property’s hot water facilities where the Resident or a member of their family’s health necessitates regular bathing.
  • all serious plumbing or gas leaks where the fabric of the Property is in danger of damage.
  • serious roof leaks and other major structural failures.
  • the need to secure the Property following an incident.
  • a blockage to the sole WC in the Property; and
  • any other circumstances which are an emergency because of the Customer’s or their family’s circumstances (e.g disability).


Examples of repairs that are not classed as emergency but will be logged and kept on the system for carrying out later are:

  • a toilet not flushing where there at least two toilets in the property.
  • a partially blocked sink, bath, shower or basin.
  • taps which cannot be turned off fully.
  • a roof leak that has been temporarily repaired.
  • a door-entry system that is damaged but still allows entry and closure.
  • minor leaks and blockages.
  • a damaged bath, basin or toilet.
  • damaged sockets or light fittings that are not classed as dangerous.
  • Reglazing;
  • minor joinery repairs.
  • Adjusting doors, windows
  • Fencing repairs
  • Path repairs

Where repairs that are not initially classed as emergency but over time worsen, residents should contact Customers Services to advise of the changing situation.

Safety Checks to all properties

Health and Safety Checks during this period will still be carried out.

Gas safety compliance checks, Electrical safety checks and all fire system checks remain priority to ensure residents are kept safe.

Where residents are self-isolating or in the higher risk category and concerned about contractors being within their home please contact Customer Services who will assist in making arrangements for carrying out the work at a later date when the isolation period is over. It is imperative for the safety of residents that if at all possible and in accordance with the Safety guidelines that essential safety checks are carried out.

Planned replacements and non-emergency repair work

The replacement of kitchen and bathrooms, windows and doors have all been suspended for the time being. Other repairs that are not classed as emergencies and classed as routine have also been suspended for the time being.

Please continue to report any repairs to us. We are currently undertaking all emergencies and most urgent repairs and any that we cannot fulfil right now will be placed on a priority list for when we are able to re-open our full repairs service for you.

Thank you for your assistance during this period of uncertainty.

To help us to keep you updated with all our latest service information; please provide an email address we can contact you on. Please send it to us at or call us on 01482 223783.

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