Latest Update

PFH recognise that all Government restrictions related to COVID-19 are at an end. However, we are continuing to ask our team to be mindful of the risks of spreading infection. We are asking that the team maintain good hand hygiene, wear face masks if they or the resident(s) they are working with, wish them to do so, and to regularly test. If any member of the team contract COVID-19 we will not expect them to work face to face with residents or colleagues, until they return a negative test result. We are asking our contractors to do the same.

Residents are asked to advise PFH if anyone in their household has tested positive ahead of our staff and/or contractors visiting their property.

We ask residents to follow government advice on prevention, testing and self-isolation following a positive test result.

We hope this offers reassurance. We are grateful for the patience you have shown us, whilst we have managed safe working practices during the pandemic. All our services are now back up and running and as always, we look forward to serving you.

Any further information for you regarding COVID-19, whether it is government, NHS, or local authority information, can be found below.

Useful Information

Please see here for useful information on how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

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