Getting to know forms

In order to help residents understand and learn what forms are for, we’ve included a handy guide to tell you why companies ask for this information and where the information goes. It’ll help you to understand when it comes to giving out information.

On our website, you can use forms to Report a Repair, Contact Us, or Send us a Compliment, Feedback or a Complaint, for example.

Being safe

Generally, forms are there to help companies understand certain pieces of information so they can either contact you regarding something, or action something for you, like fixing a repair or sending you an item you’ve purchased. Most of the time, these forms will include essential information in order to process this – as well as information that will help them to better promote themselves to you so you see more things that interest you.

Making payments online

Before entering any details, please make sure you are definitely on the site that you mean to purchase from – you can check this by seeing the address of the site in the white box at the top. If this is the same as the company states, then that is great.

Don’t enter any payment details unless there’s also a padlock in that box – the padlock means the site is secure. Sometimes, sites will send you to other sites to pay, like Sage, WorldPay, PayPal or Stripe, for example.

Where your information goes

When a form is sent, it will go to a database or an email inbox for somebody to action and use this information – dependent on what the form is for. You can always request that they delete your information by sending an email to the company directly – you would find these details in the Privacy and Cookie Policy, which is usually at the bottom of every page on a website.

Fill out the form below and we’ll explain each element as we go along.