Area Forums – A great place to find out what is going on

Area Forums – A great place to find out what is going on

Have you ever wanted to know what the association is doing in your area, find out what the association is planning to do or how it is performing? Have you ever had an idea you wanted to discuss to make your area better or wanted to talk about a problem in your area with the association’s staff?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Area Forum is the place for you to go!

The association has three Area Forums covering North, West and East Hull and they meet three times a year at different venues within each area. Membership is open to anyone living in the Area Forum area and officers from each section attend the Forums. In addition, representatives of the grounds maintenance contractor also attend.

The Area Forums are a great way for the association to meet lots of residents at one time and discuss local issues with local residents.

The feedback at the Area Forums really makes a difference to the services the association provides and helps us to take account of residents’ wishes when planning for the future.

Mrs Bell and her neighbours in East Hull wanted to turn some waste land at the back of their bungalows into an allotment.

She said: “I went to the Area Forum and asked if we could make better use of the waste land. The association came and had a look and agreed to dig the ground over for us in the spring. We also managed to get someone who will plant seeds and young plants in the allotment for us when its ready. I go to as many Area Forums as I can, as I know that the association will do what it can to help residents.”

Area Forums have been running for over a year now and the dates of all of the next Area Forums are on the calendar we sent to residents in December.

So if you want to let the association know your views, come along to your Area Forum, you can get a free cuppa and biscuits too!

Pictured left to right are Mrs Clark, Mr Norton and Mrs Bell