Doing our bit in the battle against the virus

Doing our bit in the battle against the virus

90-year-old Dennis Davey and his wife are urging other residents to go for their Covid-19 vaccination if they haven’t already.

Dennis, better known by his friends as ‘Dave’, and Sylvia, aged 86, say they felt a sense of reassurance after having the vaccine and that they did not suffer any side effects.

“It’s only like the flu jab,” said Dennis, who lives at Ada Holmes Circle. “I haven’t had any adverse reactions and I’ve had both injections now. My wife has had one and is just waiting for the other.

“I would advise everyone to go and get it done, it doesn’t hurt and we have got to do our bit in the battle against this virus – I know some people feel wobbly about it but I can assure you it’s the best thing to do and then hopefully life can start to return to normal.”

PFH is pleased to hear that residents are one step closer to protecting themselves against Covid-19, with 77% of residents in our Retirement Living Plus schemes already having the Covid-19 vaccine.

Whilst the vaccine doesn’t mean we can stop following social distancing measures or stop wearing masks, it does signal a great stride forward.

It’s pleasing to hear that so many of our residents are among the 20 million plus people already vaccinated across the UK and we are encouraging those who haven’t had their vaccine yet to book their appointment. Many of PFH’s frontline staff have also now received the vaccine, which is a really positive step forward.