First residents move into their “dream home” at The Jacobs Homes development

First residents move into their “dream home” at The Jacobs Homes development

“Moving to our new bungalow at The Jacobs Homes has completely changed our lives.”

This is how Judy Egan describes the way she feels about her new Pickering and Ferens Homes property, which forms part of our £2.4m redevelopment of the Charles and Esther Jacobs Homes properties.

Judy and husband John moved into their two-bedroomed energy efficient bungalow off Askew Avenue, west Hull, at the beginning of April and they say life has never been so good for them. Comprising of 20 bungalows, all the properties face on to a central village green with private parking and enclosed front and rear gardens.

After being on Pickering and Ferens Homes’ waiting list for almost six years Mr and Mrs Egan were delighted when they were allocated a property at The Jacobs Homes development, because Mr Egan’s health had deteriorated and living in an upstairs flat in Anlaby was no longer viable for them.

“It’s like a dream come true living here,” said Mrs Egan. “It has given John a much better quality of life, he can get out and potter about in the garden – where we lived before there wasn’t a lift, so we really did struggle to get out much.

“We are already feeling very settled in our new home and have spent a lot of time outside doing the gardening, which we love. We have lovely neighbours and really I feel like I have come back to my roots because I used to live at the bottom of Askew Avenue when my children were little. It’s ideal as well because both my daughters are within walking distance of me now.”

The energy-efficient properties are fitted with high levels of thermal insulation to floors, walls and roofs. They also have tripleglazed windows and water butts to collect rainwater in.

The development programme was started after Pickering and Ferens Homes amalgamated with Charles and Esther Jacobs Homes in September 2008. We contemplated renovating the properties but took a decision to demolish and rebuild after discovering a number of buildings on the site were suffering from subsidence and all required extensive refurbishment throughout.