Grass looks set to get greener for Pickering and Ferens Homes

Grass looks set to get greener for Pickering and Ferens Homes

As always, the Resident Led Scrutiny Panel have been hard at work to ensure Pickering and Ferens Homes continue to provide excellent quality homes and services to its residents.

A review of the current grounds maintenance service has been the group’s key focus of recent months, which will be incredibly useful in the retendering of the Grounds Maintenance contract, a process which the panel are currently involved in.

Pickering and Ferens Homes have recently met with Procurement for Housing, who are assisting with the tendering process.

The Panel will be involved in scoring contractors who have expressed an interest in tendering and the report findings will also influence what the organisation want to get out of the new grounds maintenance contract.

A ‘health-check’ of the panel has also been carried out recently by TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service), a development that Katie Burton, resident services manager, has been involved in.

“The health check was a very positive process and everyone found it extremely beneficial,” Katie explains. “The learning points have been taken on board by all involved and we have already started to move forward on some of the recommendations.

“It is really pleasing to know that TPAS think that the panel is working effectively and is taken seriously by not just the Panel, but the whole staff team and the Board too.”

The Panel are keen to recruit new members. If you are interested, please call the office on 01482 223783