I am over the moon that my home will be getting a gas supply

I am over the moon that my home will be getting a gas supply

This is just one resident’s reaction to the news that she will be having a gas supply and a central heating system fitted at her home partly thanks to funding from a government-run initiative called CERT aimed at improving energy efficiency and ultimately reducing fuel bills.

The Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) initially came into effect in April 2008. The scheme makes it obligatory for every UK Energy Company to take necessary steps to ensure that the amount of CO2 emissions from domestic properties is reduced.

With CERT ending in December 2012, it is becoming more crucial than ever for housing associations like Pickering and Ferens Homes to maximise funding opportunities over the remaining months.

Janet Blades, of Forester Way, off Summergroves Way, says the work will make a huge difference to her, particularly once she switches fully from electric to gas central heating, thanks to the partnership initiative between Pickering and Ferens Homes and Warmzone.

The majority of properties in Forester Way and all of the properties in Bush Close are benefitting from this initiative.

“Everyone who is having the work done is very pleased,” added Mrs Blades. “At the moment I don’t have any control over the heating, the electric basically stores up the heat through the night to then release it the next day, but if it happens to be a warm day you still have your heating on the next day.

“I am really delighted to be getting it sorted out, I always had gas central heating previously before I moved here.”

Mrs Blades moved to the property seven years ago with her late husband Ron, who enjoyed four years with Pickering and Ferens Homes. “We used to live in Cottingham. Ron really loved living in our new home during the time he did get to spend here.

“I am hoping the new system significantly reduces my bills, that would be the perfect result as I am currently spending about £90 each month on electric.”

Paul Atkinson, Head of Maintenance, said: “The work is taking place at the perfect time of year, as we hope to have it all done in time for Winter. The funding for the provision of the gas supply is being financed through the CERT initiative. Pickering and Ferens Homes aremeeting the cost and providing the gas central heating system. It really is a fantastic initiative. The association is also funding the installation of the central heating system in partnership with Warmzone.”