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‘Moving into our new home has changed our lives dramatically.’

‘Moving into our new home has changed our lives dramatically.’

There is a clear shortage of accessible housing in the UK. There needs to be the provision of homes that are tailor-made to help people who need it to live independently for longer.

The need for this type of housing can be seen through the people that benefit from it.

Mr and Mrs Melbourne moved into a PFH home right at the start of the pandemic – from a 2-bedroom house to a bungalow built specifically to help them live more independently.

“It couldn’t have come at a better time really,” said Mrs Melbourne. “My husband has had health problems and, while we had a stairlift in our old house, he couldn’t access that himself.

“I’ve had knee replacement surgery a few years ago, so we both knew that we needed a home that made us more comfortable and one that suited what we needed.

“We signed the agreement in the March, right on the week that it was announced we were going into lockdown. Dawn at PFH was so reassuring and did as much as she could to help us move in in May, which was great timing really considering everything that was happening – we couldn’t have stayed in our old house.”

Mr and Mrs Melbourne’s bungalow is set in a group of 12 similar houses, designed with their needs to move around the house easily. A kitchen and lounge towards the back of the bungalow with large doors out onto the patio and grassy garden area means that they can enjoy everything it has to offer with ease.

“We moved into our new bungalow at a time when we would be spending a lot of time in one place, so for us to be able to access everything gave our families the assurance they needed to know that we were living well,” said Mrs Melbourne.

“The neighbours were ever so helpful too when we did move, it is a lovely area to be in.”

Changes have also been made to their home to help Mr and Mrs Melbourne specifically.

Mrs Melbourne said: “Nothing has been too much trouble for Pickering & Ferens Homes. They have worked with the builders to help make sure the home meets our needs. We know that we have that support there if we need it.

“The fact these bungalows are built close to local shops and bus stops as well is so important for us. We’re within two minutes of the shops and closes to five or six different bus routes, so we can get to where we need.

“Moving into our new home has changed our lives dramatically.”

PFH is in full support of the HoMEs Coalition’s campaign for accessible housing, which has campaigned Government to take greater action to secure housing suitable for all.

PFH builds homes with accessibility in mind to aid independent living for people over the age of 60 and has a huge portfolio of houses across Hull and East Yorkshire.