New kiosks open up new digital experiences to residents

New kiosks open up new digital experiences to residents

Residents have everything available at the touch of a button thanks to new technology
now available in our schemes. In a bid to help residents become more confident in an ever-expanding digital world, we have started to roll out Social Kiosks at our Retirement Living Plus schemes.

The kiosks, which are being made possible thanks to a partnership with Efficiency North, are computer terminals located in our communal lounges allowing residents to access the internet and carry out a variety of tasks.

Offering the opportunity for residents to do everything from online shopping and booking holidays, through to browsing social media or checking public transport timetables, the kiosks are readily available for residents to access.

David Birks, who lives at Christopher Pickering Lodge, where this device has been piloted, says the new technology is proving useful. “We have had the Social Kiosk in the communal lounge for a few months now and I’ve used it on a number of occasions,” he said.

“It was particularly handy when my laptop was out of use. I found it a little different to navigate, but it’s easy enough to get used to. I used the Social Kiosk to research a holiday, which did present a few small teething problems that were quickly rectified by Claire.”

The Social Kiosk gives residents a whole new world of information at their fingertips, including direct links to the PFH website and lots more. With a dedicated 24/7 Customer Support line that connects to a real person, residents can surf the web in confidence.

Residents looking to learn new IT skills are invited to join our IT & Biscuits sessions, held across the city. Those who live in the villages are welcome to access the Social Kiosks and the sessions, please contact the office for more information (01482) 223783.