Rokeby handover

Rokeby handover

Mr and Mrs Stewart who have lived in Hull all their lives, were thrilled when they found out that they had been allocated one of the new properties at Rokeby – it was the best Christmas present they had ever received!

It was the Tuesday before Christmas and Barbara Stewart was home alone preparing for Christmas Day, when she got the call from Pickering and Ferens Homes letting her know that she and her husband Ian would be moving into their new home in 2012.

“When getting ready for Christmas, I asked my husband what he wanted for a present. He replied ‘get me one of those new houses at Rokeby and I will be happy!’ A week later, Kate-Marie at Pickering and Ferens Homes called me!

“I was delighted to hear the news and realised that this would be the best present Ian would ever receive for Christmas, so I decided not to tell him straight away.

“My granddaughter and I walked to Rokeby and took a photo of the site. I got it framed, wrapped it up and put it under the Christmas tree with a note saying ‘Santa sends his apologies – he can’t get the actual one under the tree!’

“I had told all of our family the news, and they begged me not to let Ian open the present until they all got there at lunch time. We all sat and watched as he opened it – we all looked a little suspicious I think!

“When Ian opened it, he thought that it was a joke, that I meant that I hoped we would get allocated a property – he couldn’t believe it when I told him that we actually had been. He also couldn’t believe I hadn’t told him!

“We honestly thought we wouldn’t be lucky enough to get one of the Rokeby properties. Everyone, particularly Katie-Marie at Pickering and Ferens Homes has been so helpful, efficient and genuinely lovely – the whole process has been so easy and stress free.

“We are both very excited to move in, Ian has been packed and ready to go since he found out. It is going to make a huge difference to our quality of life. The new properties are spacious but not too big, making it easier for us to afford to live. We can’t wait to move in!” Barbara added.

Mr and Mrs Stewart were delighted to find out they will be moving to Rokeby