Singing for her neighbours!

Singing for her neighbours!

PFH resident Wendy Dillon featured on BBC Radio Humberside’s Facebook page recently after singing outside her property to lift the spirits of local residents.

“I just did about an hour and it was lovely,” said Wendy, who has lived in her property at Summergroves Way, west Hull, for three years.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think everyone else did. I did it because of the current situation, with the self isolation that we are all doing, I think it makes us all feel good.

“I’ve sang for years on and off, done some charity work and sang for people of my age which is why I did this – a lot of my neighbours are retired. It just lifts everybody, I know it does. The interaction that we’re having just through music let alone other avenues of having fun and passing time.”

Wendy, aged 67, was a regular on the pubs and clubs circuits in years gone by, but these days she performs in care homes entertaining the older generations. “I like to sing The Carpenters, in fact I was singing the song ‘Sing Me’ outside on the day a nurse spotted me singing, recorded it and sent it into Radio Humberside, I ended up on Burnsy’s show for a live interview.

“It was quite nerve wracking, as even though I am used to performing it’s totally different standing outside your house and singing. I felt good for doing it though, because I live alone and it gave me interaction with people and they enjoyed it at the same time. Dog walkers, families, cyclists, you name it, they all stopped to have a listen, I even stopped traffic on the day!”

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