The Pickering and Ferens Homes Good Neighbour award

The Pickering and Ferens Homes Good Neighbour award

Carol’s nomination stated that she is considered to be the best neighbour in the complex. She moves all the bins every Monday and plants flowers at the front and the back of the scheme.

Carol also keeps the scheme clean and tidy by sweeping and picking up any litter. She looks after her friends and neighbours, making sure that the pathways are gritted when it is icy and she also does shopping for others. At one time she even did all this with a broken ankle!

As a reward for her dedication to being a good neighbour, Carol received a £100 cash prize. Carol said: “I am very touched to not only have been nominated but to have received the Pickering and Ferens Homes Good Neighbour Award.

“I was really surprised when I found out that I had won, because I didn’t even know that I had been nominated in the first place!

“I am always happy to do my bit around the scheme and to help out my neighbours and was delighted with the cash prize! It came in very handy because both my oven and television needed to be mended.

“Thank you to everybody who nominated me, I really am delighted,” Carol added.