Update for residents of Ada Holmes Circle

Update for residents of Ada Holmes Circle

We are continuing to keep residents of Ada Holmes Circle updated with regards to the status of the repair work on the lift there.

Please rest assured that we are working to ensure the lift is operational again as quickly as possible.

Paula Kelly, director of housing services at Pickering and Ferens Homes, said: “We are working tirelessly in partnership with our lifts maintenance contractor, Pickering Lifts, to repair the lift at our Ada Holmes Circle scheme as quickly and with as little impact on our residents as possible.

“We are as frustrated and concerned as our residents about the length of time the lift has been out of action for. Our staff are going above and beyond the call of duty to assist residents in continuing their daily routines. All residents were advised that should they need any additional help whatsoever attending hospital appointments or keeping important arrangements, that we would work with them to overcome any issues.

“Unfortunately, the parts required to repair the lift are now obsolete and, despite two attempts to repair it, a completely new system had to be ordered at a cost of £10,000. Pickering Lifts has assured us that the parts will be delivered to them within the next 10 days and they will begin the repair work immediately.

“We are now investigating options to install through floor lifts, or a similar contingency, across all of our sheltered housing schemes to ensure this issue never arises again.”