Warmfront Team visit a number of PFH properties

Warmfront Team visit a number of PFH properties

In response to the recent increase in energy prices and concerns that residents may have about heating their homes, earlier in the year, we commissioned The Warmfront Team to undertake some initial surveys at a number of PFH properties to determine how well insulated they are.

Following this, a number of properties have been highlighted as requiring an additional and more in-depth survey, with the objective being to identify if we can help obtain grant funding to make homes warmer and more efficient to heat.

The Warmfront Team will not be able to confirm the findings during the survey, but will report back to us in order to assist us in the planning process. The survey will take a up to 30 minutes to complete.

The Warmfront Team will be on site from Monday 24th October 2022 between 9am – 6pm for the next two weeks. There is no need to wait in all day, every day. The surveyor will attempt to visit your property and will leave a note for you to call them back if you are unavailable.

The Surveyors will be wearing Warmfront workwear and will carry appropriate identification, which you should ask to see before permitting them to enter your home.

Please call 0800 032 8322 if you need a specific time/day. If you have any concerns, please call the Customer Services Team on 01482 223783.