Warning: Fraudsters claim to be police officers

Warning: Fraudsters claim to be police officers

A warning has been issued to elderly residents to be on their guard following a number of recent reports of a telephone scam where fraudsters call claiming to be police officers.

The scammer says that they have information about fraudulent activity on the victim’s account and encourage the victim to withdraw their money.

They then state that a plain clothes officer will be sent to pick up the money either to ‘keep it safe’ until the case is concluded or for forensic examination due to forgeries at the bank. The fraudster, or one of their associates, then comes and collects the money from the victim.

We have had recent reports of this scam across both Grimsby and Hull and are today urging people to be vigilant.

  • Never give away your bank or personal details to strangers
  • Don’t hand over money or transfer funds to unknown accounts
  • If you have any doubts about a caller, use another phone to ring the police. Don’t use the phone they have called on immediately as the offender may be able to maintain the connection after you have put down the phone.
  • Where possible, note down the key details of the call, including the number the caller has rung from. Pass this information on to police.

Detective Constable James Salamon said: “These are very unpleasant incidents where highly believable criminals target some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

“We are working with colleagues at Action Fraud to thoroughly investigate these incidents and bring those responsible to justice.

“Our aim now is to spread awareness of the scam to help prevent other people becoming victims.

“Firstly, police would never ask a member of the public to transfer or hand over money.

“If you are unsure, call your bank or the police – from a different phone – to check whether the call is legitimate.

“Finally, I would urge those with elderly family and friends to speak to them about the scam and how to protect themselves.”

If you have any information about a scam please call us on 101 or contact Action Fraud at www.actionfraud.police.uk.