What We’re Proud Of Awards

What We’re Proud Of Awards

Representatives from Pickering and Ferens Homes recently attended the National Housing Federation’s “What We’re Proud Of Awards”. The awards are designed to promote the organisations which pride themselves on creating better lives for residents.

Pickering and Ferens Homes was shortlisted for three awards including “Best Impact on Residents” and “Best Contribution to the Local Community” as well as the overall award for “What We’re Proud Of”.

Gavin Clark, Performance Improvement Manager, said: “We decided to enter Pickering and Ferens Homes because we felt that the excellent work we do as an organisation isn’t celebrated enough. We all want to make a difference.”

Unfortunately, although shortlisted, the association did not win any awards on the day, but Gavin isn’t disappointed. “This is the first time our work has been recognised nationally and we received very positive feedback from the panel, which was very complimentary about the services we offer.

“We were also the only organisation shortlisted which did not have a young person focus. These awards have opened our eyes to the possibility of entering others. We feel that we need to promote Pickering and Ferens Homes as a positive organisation with an excellent working environment.”