CCTV System Data Processing Statement

The purpose of this statement is to set out details relating to the use of CCTV by Pickering and Ferens Homes (as required by applicable data protection legislation).

1. Who are we?

1.1 We are Pickering and Ferens Homes (“the Association”).  We are a non-profit making registered Housing Association (A4020) and registered charity (No 1014862) whose head office and address for correspondence is at 7 Beacon Way, Hull, HU3 4AE. Tel: 01482 223783 Email: Website:

1.2 We are committed to ensuring that all personal information we hold is treated properly and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.  We are registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office and our registration number is Z4854829.  In accordance with applicable data protection legislation, we are required to explain to you how we will treat any CCTV footage which we collect about you.

1.3 This statement applies to anybody who is recorded using any of our CCTV systems.  It does not cover any information that you may provide to us or may relate to you other than information contained within CCTV footage recorded using those systems.

1.4 You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office if you have any concerns with regard to the way in which we process your personal information.

2. Key Principles

The Association’s CCTV policy is available upon request.  The following key principles are fundamental to the Association’s CCTV policy and underpin all its procedures and guidelines:

2.1 The Association has a CCTV surveillance system at sheltered housing schemes.

2.2 Each of the Association’s CCTV systems has been installed for, and the information collected using our CCTV systems will be used for, our legitimate interests in preventing and detecting crime, fraud and disorder and protecting the security, health and safety of our staff, residents and visitors.

3. To whom will we disclose CCTV footage?

We may share CCTV footage relating to you:

3.1 With third parties who are directly involved in dealing with any request, enquiry, complaint or other correspondence submitted by you which the footage is relevant to;

3.2 With third parties who are providing us with professional advice which the footage is relevant to;

3.3 Where we are legally required to do so;

3.4 In connection with criminal investigations, legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings which the footage is relevant to where permitted by law;

3.5  In order to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights; and

3.6 Where we have stated or informed you otherwise.

If any CCTV footage of you is recorded using a CCTV system which is operated or monitored by a third party acting upon our behalf, that third party will also have access to the footage (such access will be restricted to access in connection with the purposes described in this statement only).

4. Your rights

4.1 You have a legal right to see a copy of the personal data that we keep about you and to correct any inaccuracies, subject to certain exemptions.  In some circumstances you may also have the right to:

(a) Request that we erase any personal data held about you;

(b) Restrict our processing of your personal data;

(c) Data portability; and

(d) Object to our processing of your personal data.

4.2 Requests in respect of the above should be made in writing to The Information Compliance Officer at Pickering & Ferens Homes, 7 Beacon Way, Hull, HU3 4AE.  Please contact the same address if you have any reason to believe that information we hold about you is inaccurate.

4.3 In accordance with applicable data protection legislation, we follow security procedures in the storage and disclosure of your information.  We may therefore request proof of your identity before complying with any other request of a nature described in section 4.1 above.

4.4 Footage captured by our CCTV system will be retained by us for 30 days from the date of recording and then automatically overwritten.  Any footage copied from the system for a purpose described in this statement will be retained for a reasonable period having regard to the relevant purpose for the footage being copied, following which it will be securely destroyed.

4.5 If you have any questions about this statement, please write to us by email to .