Our Mission, Goals & Vision

Our Mission is to “provide quality homes and services which enhance later life”.

We will passionately pursue the following goals to demonstrate PFH as an exemplar organisation:

  1. Offer quality homes
  2. Offer quality services
  3. Support better neighbourhoods and communities
  4. Promote independent living and choice
  5. Be effective
  6. Grow through people and partnerships

Pickering and Ferens Homes carried out a comprehensive review of its aims, objectives and priorities in 2016, which was considered and validated as fit for purpose by Trustees at a strategic away event in November 2016.

Our review and subsequent 3-year vision is driven by the following factors:

  • A desire to be a local organisation delivering quality nationally recognised exemplar services to older people
  • A commitment to reviewing our performance, reducing costs and maintaining quality services so that they are competitive, affordable and achieve value for money as judged by sector comparisons and our customers
  • A desire to meet local demand by providing a supply of new housing for older people in our localities
  • The opportunity to review and modernise our strategic approaches and working practices so that they remain relevant, offer choice and recognise differing needs
  • The opportunity to work with partners to deliver health and wellbeing outcomes particularly with regards to combatting loneliness and isolation, preventing hospital and residential care stays and to offer PFH’s homes as a ‘home for life’ wherever possible
  • A desire to build the skills and knowledge of our hard working and committed trustees and staff team to enable them to effectively set and deliver the vision outlined in the Corporate Plan