Health and Safety

PFH ensure your homes are safe and conforms to all current legislation and compliance standards. Our Governing body, The Regulator of Social Housing, monitors compliance to ensure we are delivering a good standard of home.

Below are the different categories we cover.

Gas Safety

gas safety

We are required by law to carry out an annual check of Gas fires and Gas boilers owned by PFH. We will also check any other appliances, such as gas cookers that are owned by you to ensure your safety and others that may be affected by a faulty appliance.

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Electrical Safety

Electrical safety

We are legally obliged to carry out an electrical check on the electrical system in your home and any communal areas every 5 years.

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Water safety

Water safety

Water safety relates to the control of Legionnaires disease mainly. A form of pneumonia which more elderly and ill health people can catch under certain circumstance more readily than others.

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We provide handy information about asbestos should you find some in your home.

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Damp, Mold & Condensation


To keep your home free from damp is important to us and forms part of the Government “Decent homes standard”. Damp conditions can affect people that suffer from low immunity issues and or breathing problems.

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Fire Safety

Fire safety

Fire safety is managed by having several safety features in place. By carrying out Fire risk assessments to all communal buildings and complying with mandatory fire safety standards.

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Lifts are inspected twice a year by our insurers to make sure they are maintained regularly and in good order. Stair lifts are also included for inspection and testing.

Government White Paper – Our Response

In response to the Government’s White Paper, find out what Pickering & Ferens has implemented in order to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring all our homes are safe to live in and to help residents feel safer in their homes.
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