Lift Safety

Pickering & Ferens Homes provide passenger lifts & stairlifts to various buildings we own & manage.

As a duty-holder under the Health & Safety at Work Act, it is our responsibility to ensure that these lifts are safe to use and operating correctly at all times.

Regular servicing by an independent specialist contractor is carried out at 6 monthly intervals on all lifts, in line with regulatory advice and good practice guidance.

Furthermore, Insurance inspections are carried out via PFH’s Insurance providers on a six-monthly basis, as per HSE guidance.

Any recommendations from the reports are reviewed and actioned appropriately by the Property Services Team.

What if I discover a fault on a lift?

You can report this immediately to Pickering & Ferens Homes by contacting Customer Services who will direct your enquiry to the relevant lift contractor or through to the Property Services Team for further advice.

Do not use the lift if you feel it may be unsafe and report it immediately so we can ensure it is safe.