Home Alteration and Improvement Request Form

Please use this form to detail in full your request for an alteration or improvement to your home. Ensuring you have supplied as much information as possible checking it has been signed and dated in the declaration before it is returned.

You will be notified in writing as to whether or not your request has been granted within 20 working days of PFH receiving your completed form. Any forms submitted that are not fully completed will be returned and your application may be delayed.

Download form here or fill in the form below.

  • Please supply as much information as possible. You can attach drawings, plans etc to this form
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    • Please supply the contractor or engineer who will be undertaking the work
      If Yes, complete the below information

      Guidance - Any works involving electrical installations are to be carried out by a competent registered electrical contractor who can supply an NICEIC Electrical Installation Certificate or Minor Works Certificate upon completion of all works
      If Yes, complete the below information

      Guidance - Only “Gas Safe” Registered trade’s persons shall carry out any works involving alterations to the gas supply and/or installations. Permission shall only be granted for works to be carried out if the contractor who proposes to carry out the works is able to provide a Gas Safety Installation Certificate and or Gas Safety Record Sheet.
      Guidance - Residents wishing to pave or tarmac a grassed area should be aware that, as from the 1st Oct 2008, this type of work may require planning permission from the local authority. This will depend upon on the type of materials and how they are to be used and installed. As a guide, any permeable surface which allows water to pass through it does not require planning permission. All impermeable surfaces require planning permission. These application forms require a full scaled drawing of the proposals, together with a fee of £150. Applications should normally be decided within 8 weeks after submission. The Association does not carry out this type of service for residents and it is the sole responsibly of residents to ensure that all conditions are met.
      If Yes, please read the below guidance

      Guidance - Residents wishing to erect a shed or alter any of the Associations fencing must obtain written agreement from all neighbouring residents before permission is considered. Planning permission from the local authority may also be required in some cases. Residents who wish to alter fencing must ensure that all planning requirements are fully adhered to. In the event of a request for an alteration to fencing or the erection of a shed all neighbouring residents must agree and sign below, indicating they have no objections to the proposed alterations. If this work will affect more then 2 neighbours you will need to provide their permission too.
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    • Max. file size: 2 MB.

    • Final Guidance and Declaration

      You should not start any works until you have received written authorisation that permission has been granted in writing by the association.

      A competent and, where appropriate, a suitably qualified person shall carry out all works associated with your request.

      All works carried out shall be at the resident’s own expense.

      Any damage caused to the Association’s property whilst alterations/installations are taking place will result in the resident being held responsible for making good, including any associated costs.

      The cost of any future repair/servicing/maintenance will be the responsibility of the resident, and not that of the Association.

      Upon the termination of a licence for the property, the Association reserves the right to request the removal of the alteration / improvement and to request the resident to re- instate the property to its original condition. A charge will be payable to Pickering and Ferens Homes for any costs incurred if the Association has to carry out any work to reinstate any unauthorised alterations.

      The works requested in this form must be completed within 60 days of the date of authorisation. If a resident does not complete the work within this period of time, then they will be required to re-submit a new application form requesting the alterations / installation.

      Please ensure any supporting documents are enclosed with your application including any copies of planning permission, building regulations or other approvals you may have if required.

      Declaration: - I / We have read the above notes and fully understand and agree to all the conditions listed and those set out in all appropriate letters.
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      Max. file size: 2 MB.