Pay Your WMC (Rent)

There are a variety of ways to pay your Weekly Maintenance Contributions (WMC(rent)) and service charges to PFH:

Direct Debit

If you have a bank or building society account; then the most efficient and secure way to pay your WMC (rent) is via Direct Debit. Payments can be automatically taken four-weekly, monthly (1st of each month) or quarterly (garden only).

To arrange to pay your WMC (rent) via direct debit; click here for the form which needs to be completed and returned to us.

If you require any assistance with the form, please contact our Customer Support Team (01482 223783).

If you receive Housing Benefit and pay by direct debit, any changes to your payments can automatically be adjusted by us without you needing to do anything.

Payment Card

You can pay your WMC (rent) at any PayPoint outlet where the symbol is displayed such as supermarkets and the post office. Please contact us to arrange your payment card if this is your preferred method of payment.


You can also use your payment card reference number to make payments online by clicking here to access the Allpay website and following the set up instructions.

Debit Card

Payments can be made by calling into or phoning our offices. You will need to quote the 16 digit reference, expiry date and last 3 digits on the back of your card.

Please note – For security reasons cash is not collected by the association’s staff.

Account Balances

The PFH Resident Portal allows you to monitor your WMC (rent) balance and statements; you will have received log in details when you became a resident. If you have not yet received your login credentials, please send an email to , detailing your full name and address or contact the Customer Support Team (01482 223783). If you have forgotten or misplaced your log in details, please click here.

WMC (rent) accounts are normally credited with payments within 5 working days. To help you keep a record of your WMC (rent) account we will also send you regular account statements.

The resident portal can also be used to pay your WMC (rent) via allpay, report and review repair status and update your contact details.

If you are an existing resident and you require:

– an up-to-date statement
– additional information with regard to applying for Housing Benefit
– advice because you are having difficulties paying your WMC (rent)

Please contact us by either calling the office on 01482 223783 or completing the contact form below:

Pay my rent

What do you need help with?