TV Licensing

Sheltered Accommodation and Almshouses

Many of Pickering and Ferens Homes’ properties are covered by a concessionary TV Licence. Service Plus (sheltered) accommodation and Almshouses are currently covered under the concessionary licensing scheme. Your Area Coordinator will advise you if your property is covered and will arrange for the necessary paperwork to be completed to ensure that your name is placed onto the licence.

If you are under 75 and live in Service Plus or Almshouse accommodation, your name will be added to a concessionary TV Licence for the whole scheme. The cost of a concessionary licence per household is currently £7.50 a year. When the Licence is due for renewal, we will contact you to let you know when payment for this is due. You can pay this directly onto your rent account.

Once you reach the age of 75, you still need to be covered on a licence, even though you will no longer have to pay for it. Again, we will ensure that your name is on the licence each year when we make the renewal application.

Other Accommodation

If you live in a property which is not covered by a concessionary licence, you will need to make sure your property is covered by a full TV licence, so if you have moved in recently you must let them know. The annual fee for a full licence is £145.50 and you can buy one by completing the appropriate form (available from the post office), or applying on line at

When you reach the age of 75, you may apply for a free over 75 TV Licence. You will be sent this licence every three years, provided they have your National Insurance number.

If you have any questions at all about your TV licence, please contact your Area Coordinator on (01482) 223783, or log on to

Alternatively, the address is:
TV Licensing
Concessionary Licence Centre
DL98 1TL