Welcome to Pickering and Ferens Homes (PFH).
Our mission as an organisation is to:

Provide excellent quality homes and services which enhance later life

Our customer facing strapline is to be developed in consultation with residents in 2015.

Our goals:

We will passionately pursue the following goals to demonstrate PFH as an exemplar organisation:

  1. Offer first class homes
  2. Offer first class services
  3. Deliver better neighbourhoods and communities
  4. Promote independent living and choice
  5. Be effective and grow
  6. Deliver through people and partnerships

Our vision

Pickering and Ferens Homes carried out a comprehensive review of its aims, objectives and priorities in 2013, which was considered and validated as fit for purpose by Trustees at a strategic away event in November 2014.

Our review and subsequent 3 year vision was driven by the following factors:

  • A desire to be a local organisation delivering high quality nationally recognised exemplar services to older people
  • A commitment to reviewing our performance, costs and services so that they achieve value for money as judged by our customers
  • A desire to meet local demand by providing a supply of new housing for older people in our localities
  • The opportunity to review and modernise our strategic approaches and working practices so that they remain relevant, offer choice and recognise differing needs
  • The opportunity to work with partners to deliver health and wellbeing outcomes particularly with regards to combatting loneliness and isolation and to offer PFH’s homes as a ‘home for life’ wherever possible
  • A desire to build the skills and knowledge of our hard working and committed staff team to enable them to effectively deliver the vision set out in this plan.

Our approach

We will:

  • Encourage strong customer influence in decision making
  • Work with other organisations to add value and substance
  • Be quick to respond, willing to initiate and innovate
  • Consider and respond to the spectrum of needs within our resident community
  • Be inclusive and inspirational
  • Provide our Trustees and Staff with the training and tools they need

Our Values

  • Make a difference – Where everyone strives to be their best self, takes personal responsibility for driving positive outcomes that benefit and protect our customer’s interests – placing them at the centre of all we do.
  • Work together – A respectful, positive and enjoyable team environment where people want to work because everyone’s contribution is trusted and valued.
  • Keep learning – We demonstrate creativity and passionately search out best practice, partnerships, feedback and innovations that enable us to deliver the best possible services now and in the future.
  • Be accountable – Through exemplary governance, we are clear and open in all our work, showing integrity and accountability to our key stakeholders. We involve our customers and demonstrate how they influence decisions.
  • Be efficient – We consistently search out best value for money, ensuring that our costs are competitive, our services are right first time and that resources are applied wisely to things that matter most to our customers.

Equality and Diversity

Fairness is a central value of PFH. An annual report is provided to Trustees. Through the 2015 Equality and Diversity Strategy we have set ourselves a range of key aims and objectives including a comprehensive review of our services in relation to equality and diversity, using the NHF self-assessment tool.  We will test our approaches in relation to best practice through an established accreditation scheme.

Environmental Sustainability

PFH is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Particularly with regard to implementing sustainable housing products, promoting alternative travel and transportation which reduce our carbon footprint and encouraging friendlier approaches on energy use and consumption.

The results of our stock condition energy assessment in 2013 show that PFH housing stock has an average SAP rating score of 64.7 (‘D’ Grade). The social housing average is 54. The average Environmental Impact Rating (CO2) of the stock is 64.9 (‘D’ Grade).

The threshold for a C Grade Rating is 69 points. PFH will consider its current and future investment plans, through its asset management strategy, to determine its priorities and targets for increasing the thermal comfort and efficiency of its homes.

Our Trustees

Here at PFH we understand that good governance is vital to the success of the organisation.

We are directed and led by our Board of Trustees who are a passionate group of people truly committed to making a difference to the lives of our residents, as well as continuing to secure the future of Pickering and Ferens Homes by developing innovative ways of working. The board is made up of two nominated Hull City Council Trustees, and eight co-opted Trustees, as well as two Resident Trustees who are voted for by our residents.

Our Trustees work with our experienced and committed Senior Management Team to enable the smooth transition of strategy to operational achievement.

PF-Cllr-Gwen-Lunn-25th-September-2017-11 Gwen Lunn
Tom-Hogan Tom Hogan
Pete-Allen Cllr Peter Allen
Godfrey-Burley Godfrey Burley
Vanessa-Walker Vanessa Walker
Paul-Common Paul Common
George-Stewart George Stewart
John-Holiday John Holliday
peter-stones Peter Stones
Cheryl-Walker Cheryl Walker
P&F Portrait Andy Gladwin – Wednesday 13 September-15 Andy Gladwin
P&F Lucie Portraits - Thursday 12th October-7(1) Lucie Bryan
Governance at PFH

We have a manual of governance designed to assist Trustees and staff to understand and comply with the highest standards of governance. It does so by explaining roles, responsibilities and obligations set within our governance framework and our agreed policies and practices.

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Governance is how Trustees exercise overall direction and control of the Association. It is about procedures, policies, documents and management arrangements that are in place to administer and control the Association effectively, including financing and delivery of services. It is also about the behaviour of Trustees, relationships with residents and stakeholders and the aims and objectives of the Association.

The Trustees have ultimate legal responsibility for the Association. Many decisions can be delegated, but there must be clear lines of authority. Key to this is defining responsibility and reporting to ensure that information of the right type and detail for the size and complexity of the Association is provided to Trustees in a reasonable timescale.

Trustees meet regularly; committees and staff support the Board.

Click here to view our Board and Committee terms of reference and copies of the last Board meeting’s minutes.

We have a role profile for Trustees. Functions of our Trustees include:

  • being the employer
  • formulating and monitoring adherence to the business plan objectives
  • looking forward and planning for the future
  • securing and safeguarding resources
  • being the point of final accountability
  • providing a link or buffer between the charity on the one hand and its external stakeholders (including residents) and the environment

The responsibilities of the Trustees include setting the Association’s strategic aims, providing leadership to put the aims into effect, supervising the management of the business and reporting on its stewardship.

The Trustees’ actions are subject to laws and regulations. The Social Housing Regulator for England sets out requirements for the governance of Registered Providers of Social Housing.

We consider accepted guidance and best practice, in particular the National Housing Federation Excellence in Governance the requirements of the Association’s Charity Commission Scheme and the expectations of Trustees.

Our Charity Scheme Trust Deed is attached here

Our Annual Self Assessments against each code are here

An annual review of the effectiveness of the board of Trustees and of the effectiveness of governance arrangements will be undertaken to ensure that the Association remains compliant with codes of governance and to provide an opportunity for Trustees to consider how the governance arrangements work in practice and whether changes are required.

Every three years the Association’s internal auditors will be asked to review a sample of governance decisions to confirm that the decisions have been properly and fully implemented.




Claire is passionate about ensuring Pickering and Ferens Homes’ residents have the best possible quality homes and services in later life. She places emphasis on promoting residents’ health and well-being, particularly tackling loneliness and isolation issues. She is committed to maintaining PFH as a trusted and leading housing provider within Hull and the East Riding.

A fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing and with a BA (Hons) degree in Housing Studies, Claire has a social housing career spanning 27 years.

Claire has worked as a Chief Executive for the last 14 years and has significant experience in non-executive roles and currently holds Directorships with Gentoo Homes, Sunderland and Procurement for Housing.

Claire is appointed to the NHF National Smaller Housing Association Group, the National Efficiency Group and participates with both CIH and NHF Groups at a regional level.



Lish joined Pickering and Ferens Homes in June 1993 and has held a number of financial roles before becoming Business Services Director. As well as being PFH’s chief financial officer, Lish also leads on financial planning, treasury management, performance, HR and IT services. Lish joined us from Together Housing Group (Harewood Housing Society Ltd) where he was a finance officer; prior to this he worked at Auker Rhodes LLP. Qualified as a chartered management accountant with a background in the not for profit sector, Lish also serves as a member of the Risk and Assurance Committee at Yorkshire Housing Group.



Paula joined Pickering and Ferens Homes in April 2002. Before this, she enjoyed roles at Housemartin, Sanctuary and Hull Churches Housing Associations where she gained more than 11 years’ experience of working in housing management within the social housing sector. Paula is responsible for day-to-day
operational activities within housing management, sheltered housing and customer services, along with the provision of policy information and resident involvement. Paula has a BA (Hons) in Social Policy and Administration and has a post graduate diploma in Housing.


Sharon has had 25 years of experience working in asset management roles in a housing context. Prior to coming to Pickering and Ferens Homes she worked at City of York Council as their Head of Building Services, and has led programmes of work that have received national and regional Constructing Excellence awards for best practice, continuous improvement and tailoring services to meet and exceed customer needs.
Sharon is an integral part of the Senior Management Team, ensuring that our highly regarded standards in housebuilding, property condition and responsive repairs are maintained. She has a BSc (Hons) in Building Surveying and a postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Management Studies.

Our Staff

The association employs almost 50 members of staff.

Under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, three sections – Housing, Finance and Property Services – are responsible for the day to day operation of the association. The Director of each section, along with the Chief Executive Officer, make up the Senior Management Team.

Our team is one of our most valuable resources, which is why we invest time and energy in appropriate, high quality training, and promote open communication at all levels within the organisation.

imgcomingsoon DEBBIE MURGETT HR Advisor
andy-mounser Andy Mounser Surveying and Quality Assurance Team Member
anne-wealsby Anne Wealsby Property Services Support Officer
rob-cressy Rob Cressey Property Investment and Safety Manager
Jo-Lewis-Summerfield Jo Lewis-Summerfield Development and
Sustainability Manager
dawn-wainman Dawn Wainman Area Co-ordinator
faye-potter Faye Potter Area Co-ordinator
julie-gawthorpe Julie Gawthorpe Area Co-ordinator
katie-burton Katie Burton Resident Services Manager
katie-marie-crowley Kate Marie Crowley Service Plus Manager
lesley-craker Lesley Craker Resident Involvement Activities Co-ordinator
nicola-dillings NICOLA GILLINGS Area Co-ordinator
Mavis-Banister Mavis Bannister Scheme Manager
Ada Holmes Circle
Julie-Hill Julie Hill Scheme Manager
Christopher Pickering Lodge
imgcomingsoon Tara Brett Service Plus Cleaning
Team member
imgcomingsoon Shirley Pallister Service Plus Cleaning
Team member
claire-champlin-web Claire Champlin Health and Wellbeing Manager
claire-bangs Claire Bangs Customer Support Officer
helen-eayres Helen Eayres Customer Support Team Leader
jo-ford Jo Ford Customer Support Officer
helen-birch Helen Birch Management Accountant
jim-davis Jim Davis Finance and Risk Manager
kathryn-barlow Kathryn Walden Finance and Income Management Team Member
maxine Maxine Purling Finance Officer
Ian-Wass Ian Wass IT manager
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Pickering and Ferens Homes is a non-profit making registered Housing Association (A4020), a registered charity (No 1014862) and a member of the National Almshouse Association (No 981)

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