We have a renewals programme in place to effectively maintain our 1,429 properties across Hull and East Yorkshire.

This enables us to continuously improve our properties for residents.

The plan below is due for completion by the end of 2025 (subject to change and alterations). If you have any questions about our renewals programme, then please contact us on 01482 223783.

  • Project
  • Boiler replacements

    Ada Holmes Circle, Rosey Row  

  • Passenger lift replacement

    Ada Holmes Circle, Broadway Manor (Broadway Village), Broadway Village

  • Kitchen replacements

    Barham Road (Barham Road and Staveley Road), Barham Road and Staveley Road, Christopher Pickering Lodge (Pickering Crescent), Mereside, Hornsea

  • Window & door replacements

    Barham Road and Staveley Road, Barrington Avenue, Broadway Lodge (Broadway Village), Broadway Manor (Broadway Village), Broadway Village

  • Roofline replacements

    Buttercup Close (Wentworth Way and Buttercup Close), Wentworth Way and Buttercup Close

  • Communal areas full refurbishment

    Christopher Pickering Lodge (Pickering Crescent)

  • Cyclical painting programme

    Our annual painting cycle

    Junella Close, Majestic Court (Broadway Village), Rokeby Mews  , Rosedale Grove, Rosedale Grove (Rosedale Grove), The Jacob Homes  

  • Bathroom replacements

    Malin Lodge (Maybury Village)

It is important to us that we invest in our homes on a regular basis.

Our residents feel safe and can live in comfort. In total we have spent over £900,000 on planned repairs to ensure that our homes are the best possible standard they can be, always.