Making changes and improvements to your property

You can request permission to make changes and improvements to your property using the Home Alteration & Improvement Request form.

This form needs to be completed, detailing the works to be undertaken and the contractor carrying out the works. In the instance of a new shed or fencing being requested, you must obtain signatures of your neighbours confirming they are happy for the works to be carried out. Upon completion of the form, our Property Services Department will check all details prior to giving approval. If the works are to be refused, an explanation will be given to you.

We want our residents to be as proud of their homes as we are. As your landlord we will take care of your repairs and any major upgrade work periodically, but we appreciate residents may wish to undertake some improvements themselves, some of which we are happy for you to go ahead with without permission, others may need more consideration and require written permission from us before you undertake any work. Qualified installers must carry out approved alterations and any conditions imposed within the approval must be observed and adhered to. Failure to adhere to these conditions or any damage caused to the Association’s property whilst alterations/installations are taking place will result in the resident being held responsible for making good, including any associated costs.

What requires permission

Not all requests require permission to the side are examples of improvement works you do and don’t need permission for.

These lists are not exhaustive but are the most common requests we get. If you are unsure please call our Customer Services Teams on 01482 223783

  • Security chain on front door
  • Decorating your home (walls and ceilings)
  • Replace or decorate internal doors (excluding REtirement Living Plus)
  • Introducing or removing shrubs and seasonal planting in private gardens
  • Installation of carpets / laminate flooring (excluding Kitchen and bathroom)
  • Installation of curtains and blinds
  • Door bells / Ring Alarm
  • Washing Machine installation in a Retirement Living Plus Apartment
  • Installation of fencing or gates
  • CCTV
  • shed
  • Installation of fencing or gates
  • Extneral tap
  • Installation of a new kitchen or bathroom
  • Installation of a patio in garden
  • Pond
  • Water butts

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the common questions about making alterations.

To request an alteration, please complete the form below.

Generally yes, however there are restrictions if the buildings are listed buildings so please request permission from us before organising an install.

Yes, however you will need to complete a Home Alteration & Improvement Request form as there are strict guidelines to meet.

We fit chains to all new doors. If you don’t have a chain, then you can fit a security chain to your door at your own expense.

Please check our renewals programme to ensure that your property is not scheduled for kitchen replacement on the next Programme. If there are no scheduled replacements due, you would need to complete a Home Alteration & Improvement Request form.

An alteration form would need to be requested for this – which should be signed by you as the resident and by the neighbours adjoining your property – giving their consent. The fence / gate must not be higher than 6ft. Please note that official planning permission may sometimes be needed from the Local Authority.

You will need to complete a Home Alteration & Improvement Request form. We will then, in most cases, approve the works to be carried out. Any incidents of this nature should be reported to the Police also, and a crime reference number obtained – we will then log this onto our system for reference.

Please check our renewals programme to see if your scheme is due for decoration. If it is not due and you feel an inspection is required, then we can ask a surveyor to assess the area you have concerns about.

Unfortunately, this is not something we will do, unless it involves the easing of a fire door. For example, a flat entrance door leading to the entrance corridor to a block of flats or sheltered accommodation. In these circumstances we would carry out the adjustment to make sure the fire door remains effective. If you are not sure if the door is a fire door, please ring property services to confirm. Often, the carpet fitter will adjust as necessary during fitting – and they will check to see whether the doors open / close properly. We can give you a name of a joiner however you would need to arrange this work privately and it will be at your own cost.

No, this would be covered by your home contents insurance. We will repair the leak and if necessary, renew the radiator; however soft furnishings are covered on your insurance.

No, we will not pay for the replacement of your food – this is covered on your content’s insurance. If there is a problem with your electricity supply, we will ask one of our electricians to attend. If the problem is found to be scheme wide, this needs to be reported to National Grid as they may be carrying out works in your area.

Not in most circumstances. PFH provides accommodation for older people and as such we would not want to put Residents at risk. Any alterations that involve compliance with electrical, gas or water or fire regulations are carried out by specialist contractors and involve health and safety restrictions. General repairs are covered by our approved contractors who have been checked for competency and provide value for money. We do however welcome Resident involvement in procuring these services. If you feel that a better value for money solution is available, we welcome your input. Please get in touch and be part of the procurement solution and join the Property services task and finish panel on procurement. If you would like to carry out simple repairs, you will need to contact property services. They will give approval for any work to be undertaken and inspect the work to ensure it is satisfactory. If the work is substandard you will have to put this right, or we will carry out the work and recharge you.

Alteration Request Form

Home Alteration and Improvement Request
  • About You
  • About the property
  • Contractor details
  • Electrical Work
  • Gas Work
  • Groundworks
  • Garden
  • Confirmation

About You

Tell us about the alterations required

Give us the details of what alteration/improvement you would like to undertake.

Please supply as much information as possible. You can attach drawings, plans etc to support your application.

Contractor Details

Electrical Work

Any works involving electrical installations are to be carried out by a competent registered electrical contractor who can supply an NICEIC Electrical Installation Certificate or Minor Works Certificate upon completion of all works.

Will your main contractor be carrying out the electrical work?

Gas Work

Only “Gas Safe” Registered trade’s persons shall carry out any works involving alterations to the gas supply and/or installations. Permission shall only be granted for works to be carried out if the contractor who proposes to carry out the works is able to provide a Gas Safety Installation Certificate and or Gas Safety Record Sheet.

Will your main contractor be carrying out the gas work?


Please read the following guidance:

Residents wishing to pave or tarmac a grassed area should be aware that, as from the 1st Oct 2008, this type of work may require planning permission from the local authority. This will depend upon on the type of materials and how they are to be used and installed. As a guide, any permeable surface which allows water to pass through it does not require planning permission. All impermeable surfaces require planning permission. These application forms require a full scaled drawing of the proposals, together with a fee of £150. Applications should normally be decided within 8 weeks after submission. The Association does not carry out this type of service for residents and it is the sole responsibly of residents to ensure that all conditions are met.

Garden Structures

Residents wishing to erect a shed or alter any of the Associations fencing must obtain written agreement from all neighbouring residents before permission is considered. Planning permission from the local authority may also be required in some cases. Residents who wish to alter fencing must ensure that all planning requirements are fully adhered to. In the event of a request for an alteration to fencing or the erection of a shed all neighbouring residents must agree and sign below, indicating they have no objections to the proposed alterations. If this work will affect more then 2 neighbours you will need to provide their permission too

Shed Details

Fence Details

Neighbour Approval

Please provide details of your neighbours and confirmation of their approval to the works being carried out. Note: we may contact your neighbours. Please let them know you are providing their details to us and we may need to get in touch. We will only use their details in connection with this application. For more information on how we use the information provided to us, please see our Privacy Policy

First Neighbour
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Second Neighbour
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  • You should not start any works until you have received written authorisation that permission has been granted in writing by the association.
  • A competent and, where appropriate, a suitably qualified person shall carry out all works associated with your request.
  • All works carried out shall be at the resident’s own expense.
  • Any damage caused to the Association’s property whilst alterations/installations are taking place will result in the resident being held responsible for making good, including any associated costs.
  • The cost of any future repair/servicing/maintenance will be the responsibility of the resident, and not that of the Association.
  • Upon the termination of a licence for the property, the Association reserves the right to request the removal of the alteration / improvement and to request the resident to re- instate the property to its original condition. A charge will be payable to Pickering and Ferens Homes for any costs incurred if the Association has to carry out any work to reinstate any unauthorised alterations.
  • The works requested in this form must be completed within 60 days of the date of authorisation. If a resident does not complete the work within this period of time, then they will be required to re-submit a new application form requesting the alterations / installation.
  • Please ensure any supporting documents are enclosed with your application including any copies of planning permission, building regulations or other approvals you may have if required.
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