We are required by law to carry out an annual check of gas fires and gas boilers owned by us.

We’ll also check any other appliances that are owned by you to ensure your safety and others that may be affected by a faulty appliance.

The checks are carried out by specialist contractors who are gas safe registered. The contractors make appointments in advance so that you can prepare for the visit.

If any faults are found, we will advise you at the time and if they are classed as dangerous to operate. Other faults will be scheduled in at a time to suit you. We will not repair faults that occur to your own appliances but can signpost you to a specialist contractor.

At the same visit, the contractor also checks that the smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors are working.

We will provide you with a landlord’s gas safety check certificate to show the check has taken place and when it is next due.

Gas safety frequently asked questions

We really need to gain access to ensure the compliance check is carried out within the 12-month date of service. This means we will endeavour to arrange another appointment to suit you. If you continually miss an appointment, we will unfortunately have to either cap off the supply or take legal action to gain entry for the check.

Make sure you switch off appliances after use, like gas hobs and ovens.

Don’t tamper with gas boilers if it’s not working report the repair immediately.

If the detectors are beeping report this to us and we will arrange for an inspection or repair to be carried out.