Use this form to appoint a representative to act on your behalf.

Resident Representative Form

Resident Representative
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About You (the Resident)

About Your Representative

Tell us about your representative. You can choose how they represent you and what they can be responsible for in the next step.

Your Options

How can your representative represent you? What responsibilities would you like to give to your representative? 

Emergency key holder Allow this person to hold a key to my home and be contacted if there are concerns for my welfare
Next of Kin or other Third Party to act for me relating to any issues relating to my home or licence to occupy, for example, giving notice on the property in the event of death or serious illness
Can give notice only You only want the person to be able to give notice on your home on your behalf but do NOT want them to deal with any other Licence-related matters
Alternative correspondence address any mail PFH send to be sent to the representatives address
Legal representative Solicitor or other legal representative to act on my behalf on all matters relating to my Licence to occupy


Both the resident and the representative need to agree to our usage of your data and sign below.

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