Report a Repair

If you need to report an emergency repair (such as unlawful entry, serious leaks to pipes, vandalism that causes a security threat to your home) you should call us on 01482 223 783 to speak to us urgently. If you call us within office hours, you’ll be able to speak to a member of the Customer Service team. If you call us outside of office hours, your call will be diverted to an out of hours service for emergency repairs only.

If your repair is not an emergency, you can complete this form and we’ll respond to you within 5 working days (it’s usually much sooner than this). You can report all non-emergency repairs using this form, or by calling us on 01482 223 783. We’ll be back in touch with you if we need more information or if the repair is something that may be re-charged to you.

For further general information regarding repairs please see the Repairs Section of our Resident Handbook.

Report a Repair


Gas Heating Repairs and Support

If you think there may be a gas leak call the National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999.

All our properties have either a Worcester or Ideal boiler installed and both websites have useful information available which may help with any general enquiries:

Central heating programmer user manuals

To access the correct manual for your central heating system; click the button below which matches your programmer.


ThermoPlus AS2-RF


CentaurPlus C17-ZW and HRT4-ZW